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Making the BIG Decision

I was attending my Master Mind Group last week and shared my struggles as to which way to go with my business activity. Currently I'm attempting to place a lot of content on several different websites and go about gathering interviews for shows (both EPRS and The Delicious Story. In the past couple of years certain "truths" have risen to the service about what I like to do and what ultimately generates revenue.

It's the wonderful kind of discovery that I've heard many entrepreneurs speak to as they move forward in business. They learn to let go of what does not work and re-invent their business as things evolve.

With that said, I've decided to take a hiatus from posting content to dsmBUZZ. Who knows . . . I never say never to most things, but I've found the clarity with my passions and where people seem most interested in what I do.

You can find the Entrepreneur People Real Stories shows on the new website where I'm also hanging the old podcasts, too. To date, there have been about 170 shows with exciting, driven, interesting entrepreneurs who share what they do, why they do it, and what they've learned along the way. There have been about 50,000 downloads of the shows.

You can find me on Storied Gifts where I talk about my passion for helping people share their stories of life, marriage, death, pets, reunions, and life events in a meaningful way. Learn about the value of sharing your life stories and discover how I help people get their stories preserved for family and friends.

Check out David and I at The Delicious Story. I love this program and the wonderful guests we've had thus far. A big huge exciting thank you to Des Moines Amplified for providing the community and space to make this show possible.

For those of you who have followed along as I learned life and entrepreneurial lessons on dsmbuzz, thank you. For those interested in knowing their local merchants and buying locally, keep right on at it as it helps your local economy. Thanks much. Sherry

Steamy July Entrepreneurs

Fan tastic ani bee Goodness is it hot out there! Get out of the heat of the day and fire up the brain with this lineup of Entrepreneurs for July.

June 29:Tyler Osby of The Tyler Osby Mortgage Team shares useful information on the ins and outs of the mortgage lending world today and how he has built his business as a mortgage planner in these crazy economic times.

July 6: Tania Luna is one of the triumphant trilogy that is Surprise Industries. In this interview she talks about the benefits of surprise and how they have made a successful business delivering the unexpected.

July 13: How do Amish businesses withstand the national small business statistic and manage to survive in larger numbers than their national counterparts? We'll discuss this question and many other ways the Amish succeed in business with author Erik Wesner of "Success Made Simple. An Inside Look at Why Amish Businesses Thrive."

July 20: Aisha Syed of Iowa Realty talks about her work as a realtor, her unique connection with her community and some tips and consideration when you are buying or selling a home.

July 27: We'll schmooze with Dan and Diane Brown of The Jewish Funny Bone about the humorous cards and posters they've created to tickle and delight.

photo by ani bee powered by flickr

#162 Terri Lonier of Working Solo

Terri_Lonier Terri Lonier started business of her own about two decades ago but couldn't find resources for the kinds of questions and support she needed. Necessity for herself led to a book for others that helped thousands. Today she provides a Free on-line resource called Working Solo and helps solo-preneurs as well as corporations who want their employees to think like entrepreneurs.  In this interview, Terri talks about her journey, tools and ideas, and her newest offering of Master Mind Magic.

Trying 1888 Press Release

Storied Gifts Featured
Storied Gifts Launches Family Reunion Keepsakes...
June, 2010 @

Sometime ago I mentioned I was marketing and would report in about my experiences. To date, I've got several projects as a result of reaching out to those I know and letting them know what I'm currently doing. If they need my services they'll hopefully think of me. I've also had a couple of articles in the Register and sent out cards to my list of contacts.

Another piece of the project was considering other creative ways to utilize my interview and writing skills for Storied Gifts projects. This summer I've cultivated both wedding historian and family reunion historian products to my list of services.

I'd heard good things about this particular press release service called 188 Press Release from Sandra Lira of Zanda Panda and decided to give it a try for announcing my new service launch. I'll let you know how it goes.

Get an Entrepreneurial Jolt in June 2010

Jolt cola by parl June 1: An interview with Terri Lonier of Working Solo. She has put years of entrepreneurial experience to work helping individuals and companies be and market to entrepreneurs.

June 8: The magic of silicon turned into a successful business of cookware. Meet Sandra Lira of Zanda Panda.

June 15: The images of the great painting masters become a successful business for David Sasson of Overstock Art. Learn about this fascinating product and unique web presence.

June 22:  Doesn't everyone want one? A Life Made Simple that is. Learn more about how and why with Lori Vande Krol who is based right here locally!

photo by parl powered by flickr

#161 Maureen Allen of Ergo Work Site

Mo in Italy (3) Are you ergonomically correct? Excuse me. Is that too personal a question? In this interview with Maureen Allen of Ergo Work Site we talk not only about the importance of a good working environment, but also an appropriate ergonomic environment at home. How many of us do repetitive movements at work and go home to do the same movements? 

Maureen shares a terrific story of building her business, using technology in a unique way to expand her reach of services, and much to consider about how we work . . . and play.

Entrepreneur People Real Stories. I'm archiving old shows, adding questions markers, and will be adding more new content in the months to come.

#160 Dale Moser COO of Megabus

Megabus_double_decker_frontview[0] I opened the Des Moines Register a month ago and learned that we had a new way to travel between Des Moines and Chicago coming to town. No longer would I have to deal with the expense of driving my car. I was both euphoric and curious to learn more about the concept.  

This week we take an entrepreneurial journey on a grand scale, really big, and learn about the company Megabus. Dale Moser COO of Megabus explains the mission, services and history of this subdivision of Coach USA. Efficient, affordable and downright luxurious bus travel is available between major cities. Is the U.S. ready to embrace public transit and leave the car at home?

#158 Mary Gottschalk Author of Sailing Down the Moonbeam

Mary GottschalkI'm a personal fan of Mary Gottschalk and loved her book Sailing Down the Moonbeam, a chronicle of the journey she and her husband experiences on their trip sailing around the world. There are surprising waves that meet the couple along the way, and Mary's wonderfully descriptive writing makes for an exciting read.

In addition to her terrific book, I was thrilled to learn that Mary speaks on the subject of risk, how to assess it and determine one's comfort level with it. We got involved in a great discussion during this interview on the subject with plenty of compelling twists and turns that should have everyone thinking about how they chose and manage risk in their life.

#157 Ken Price of Shop, Watch, Buy part two

Logo shop watch buy Once I got to talking with Ken Price of Shop, Watch, Buy (really more listening than talking, your welcome!) in this second part of the interview, I set aside my fear of never being Coppola and got excited about the possibilities with video. There are lots of portals and tools available and this is a compelling medium to market your message. Check this out for great resources and ideas.

Kelly Moore of Kelly Moore Consulting Is Right

Apple As I've mentioned before, I've worked with a couple of coaches (thanks Melanie Jordan and Dhyan Atkinson to find my marketing focus and develop my products in my various projects. It's been an effort but I apply myself and take off bits of the process each day.

I've started a mail campaign with my "inner circle" of contacts. If you're one of those special people that means I just send you a periodic card with a head's up as to what I'm doing. I embrace the marketing concept shared by Doug Lipman . "Marketing is just letting people know what you do so that when and if the time is right for them that they need your product or service they'll think of you." I like it. Seems non-threatening.

Other things I've been doing to that end include:

  • The "You Should Get to Know" piece in the Register was great.
  • I've done an interview with a host on Blog Talk Radio.
  • Spoke at a Mercy Hospice volunteer gathering.
  • Have been asked to speak at another lady's gathering for November.
  • I also blog more. It helps to place my recap of The Delicious Story episodes on Storied Gifts, too. Everything I do is focused on Story.
  • I've also got some ideas and plans for other things to do as a result of my coaching which I'll pursue.

Result: I've got some projects and potential projects in the works!

Another thing I dearly love doing is the interviews I've conducted for the past three years on the podcast Entrepreneur People, Real Stories. I've been reviewing those lately for the new EPRS website I've created and am loading the interviews there as well as on Blog Talk Radio.

I'm also preparing to write a "best of" book of some of the interviews so as part of that project I'm re-listening to the interviews. I just re-listened to Kelly Moore's interview on public relations. She talks about the importance of having a PR strategy as the foundation for building awareness about your business.

I like that thought. It seems to be working, and I realize its truth more now than I did a couple of years ago. I love hearing things again and "hearing" them anew. Don't you?

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